Giving it all up…

…For the rock and roll dream. What does that really even mean anymore?

The other night I watched the E! “True Hollywood Story” about Bret Michaels, lead singer of multi-platinum-selling Poison. I was reminded of just how down and dirty it can be for those giving up “normal life” to go for the dream of making it big. The guy (along with his bandmates) lived in some pretty horrendous conditions in LA for a good long while. But they made it. And they made it in the mid-80s when the music industry operated much different than it does in April 2009.

This is not a jaded/cynical post about the music industry; this is a genuine conversation-starter about the rock and roll dream, and how it has unquestionably changed over the past ten or so years.

This topic will be a continual one on this site, because a big part of the focus here is the psychology/sociology/motivation behind musicians.

What makes them tick? What got them there in the first place? What will keep them there when things don’t work out like they’ve built up in their minds?


2 thoughts on “Giving it all up…

  1. I think if you can feed a family a pay the bills, you are a successful musician. Riches? They really don’t happen for a new artist.

  2. Agreed. And riches are quite subjective. A new musician, especially, has to go in with a proper and contextual understanding of this fact.

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