Ignoring Context: Billy Bob style

As a former PR guy, I’m really having a hard time deciding if this Billy Bob Thornton / Q TV interview is for real, or a stunt. Either way, I’m a Billy Bob fan (because of his acting, and he’s a St. Louis Cardinals fan). My objective here is not to run Billy Bob into the ground, or talk about how silly his bringing up Tom Petty in the conversation was, but to point out the bigger issue. 

You can’t forget who brought you to the dance. Plain and simple.

If you became famous because you’re a great actor, then own it. If you are a dude that became famous in a fog of hairspray while wearing makeup and (somehow) getting chicks while playing rock and roll, own it. If people noticed you because you could jump from the free throw line and dunk the basketball while winning six NBA championships, don’t go play baseball. I mean, own it.

Try other things all day long. Of course. Go for new challenges. Push your personal boundaries. But, if you’re relatively “famous,” do not attempt to ignore why people even care about your new venture in the first place. Why would you try to alienate your core fans that you (more than likely) will really need as you try new things?

Here’s the Billy Bob interview.


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