Are you sure this is what you want?

In Rolling Stone 1076 (April 16, 2009), actor/writer/director Ethan Hawke shares an intriguing take on fame, amid his amazing 14-page piece on Kris Kristofferson.

“Staring at the tabloids, people wonder why celebrities spin off into eccentricity and madness. (As someone who encountered fame at the age of 18, I’ve given this phenomenon considerable reflection.) It has to do with isolation – if you put a human being into any isolation chamber, they will hallucinate. Celebrity is a form of isolation. You are cut off from your community, people react and respond to you in an altered fashion. They give you exemptions from the normal rules of social engagement, they indulge you – and then they resent you for it. You live behind a glass wall – the more people stare, the more alone you feel. Then a snake of madness and megalomania creeps into even the most stable mind. The more fame, the more poison you swallow.”


3 thoughts on “Are you sure this is what you want?

  1. I felt this quote really nailed it. “Celebrity” is such an interesting situation, that so many don’t know how to handle. Isolation is usually one of the last things society associates with it, but it really does make sense.

    Thanks for reading.

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