Al Capone’s Music

The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre occurred in 1929, Chicago. Seven people dead. Al Capone led the South Side Italian gang that (apparently) carried out the killings, but who really knows? When you’ve got St. Valentine’s Day Massacre victim Frank Gusenberg answering the cops with “I don’t know who shot me” after being shot 22 times, few details are fact.

A couple of facts we do know: Alphonse Capone was involved with organized crime, he did time at Alcatraz and he loved music.

According to an AP story published on, “Capone’s last hit could be a tender love song,”

“Capone could read music and liked to play a banjo and a mandola, which is like a mandonlin, only bigger…Capone’s love of music was evident right up to the end of his life. In his research for a book about Capone, Chicago author Jonathan Eig found that even when Capone’s mind was ravaged by syphilis and he was paranoid and delusional, he continued to play his mandola.”

Capone wrote a song called “Madonna Mia” while he was incarcerated at “The Rock,” aka, Alcatraz. This is why the AP story was written.

Obviously Capone’s not really known for his music, but I love the further proof that music plays a role in (nearly) all of our lives, even one of the “worst” criminals in history.

From the same article, Rich Larsen of recently lined up musicians and singers to record “Madonna Mia,” and the song should be available for purchase soon. The song “Madonna Mia” was either written to Capone’s wife, Mae, or perhaps the Virgin Mary. Either way, here is an interesting excerpt from the song lyrics:

With your love to guide me

Let whatever betide me

I will never go wrong


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