The Support that Matters

Musicians (and I’m not really talking about the successful ones) often have a very hard go at it. Most people don’t “get” what they’re trying to do, and as a result, inadvertently don’t support the venture.

In her book Teenage Wasteland, author Donna Gaines interviews Billy Milano, lead vocalist of the band M.O.D. (Method of Destruction):

Billy talks about something that was a real “kick in the ass” for him. He says, “In the last year and a half…my whole life my father told me how much he didn’t like my music…and I said, but I like doing it, is there anything wrong with liking what you do?” But Billy’s father said since he was playing bass, why didn’t he take lessons? Billy says, “I said I don’t want to take lessons, I just like playing. I’ll get better with practice. And he never liked what I played. And he was ill for a while, and on his deathbed he said to my brothers, out of everyone in the family he was most proud of me because I got to do my dream. I wish I was there, that was the kick in the ass, not to be there to hear him say that. It rips your heart out, all along you think he’s a bastard and he turns out to be your best friend.

This story (though somewhat late) ends well.

Most don’t.


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