Texas Responds to Nashville

Texas apparently saw Nashville’s note to NY and LA (below), and wanted to share a few thoughts of its own with Music City.


I love the things you shared with NY and LA (and totally agree). Only thing is, you kinda treat us that way sometimes, too.

When you need or want something we have, you can get through. When we need you, that’s often a different story.

I realize that sometimes we lack the sex-appeal often needed for national “success.” Have you seen Willie Nelson? Did you hear about his 2 recent shows opening for Dave Matthews Band at Fenway Park in Boston?

Anyway, I wanted to remind you about a couple of people from our fair state: Ernest Tubb, George Jones, Leeann Womack, George Strait, Kenny Rogers, Miranda Lambert, Waylon Jennings and Ray Price.

Despite rumors of us potentially seceding from the Union, please don’t look down your nose at our Texas Music Scene. We have plenty of artists that are doing just fine without you; thank you very much.

Love always, 



4 thoughts on “Texas Responds to Nashville

    • It’s funny you bring that up. I have had a few conversations where it sounds like that’s a strong possibility.

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