The end of the 1960s brought many significant events to the U.S. – Woodstock, Charles Manson, the last Beatles performance.

December 6, 1969 only adds to the eerie mystique associated with 1960s-United States.

This is the day Meredith Hunter was stabbed to death by the Hells Angels, during a free festival, known as the Altamont Speedway Free Festival. The Hells Angels were security. The Rolling Stones were on stage at the time.

A location change at the last minute left this music festival in disarray, and it only ended in worse.

In the February 16, 1970 issue of Rolling Stone, John Burke shares,

“It was perhaps rock and roll’s all-time worst day. December 6th, a day when everything went perfectly wrong. Altamont remains Topic A among the musicians who were there.”

This post isn’t really in support or defense of either Hunter or the Hells Angels. In video footage, it does appear that Hunter has a gun, which seems like it would be unnecessary in the San Francisco area of 1969. But the Hells Angels don’t exactly have a stellar reputation.


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