The Levees Without A Hit

I saw this band called The Levees perform the other night at a small Nashville music venue. As they performed I thought of how different their situation would be if they had had a preceding hit. (“hit” being relatively-different to different genres/niches of music; hopefully The Levees will have their own someday)

Alas, this was another relatively unknown band playing their hearts out through unknown songs to essentially-unknowing people.

It’s all about the song.

That’s why we care about any musician. 

If there is no hit song, there is no famous artist.

As The Levees rocked through the rest of their set at the legendary Douglas Corner Cafe, I was glad to be there watching them. At least they have the guts to be up there. They may never be heard by the right person, at the right time, with the right powers, with the right access-to-money.

But that’s ok. Maybe not for The Levees. But it happens all of the time. Countless people have the “it” factor, the good looks, the chops, the songwriting. The stars just simply never align for them.

My hat’s off to the ones that keep at it anyway. Especially the ones that eventually are only doing it for the true love of the music. 

Sooner or later, that’s all you have left.


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