As We Move Forward…

Don’t forget where we’ve come from. 

The music industry is changing, but it’s not the first time. There have been transitional moments in the past when the music business seemed destined to fail.

History is not just a boring class in school. Knowledge of history arms you for the present in a way that nothing else can.

Others have come, gone, failed and succeeded before you. Pay attention to their outcomes, their stories, their heartache. It will only help you in your present.

Here are a few key transitional moments in music business history; ones that affected everyone involved (not just the labels). Some now seem comical:


1. Sheet music to recorded music

2. Singles to albums

3. Vinyl to cassette

4. Cassette to CD

5. CD to Napster

6. Illegal downloading to the iTunes-era (albums back to singles)


It is true that the technology of today has leveled the playing field and simultaneously upped the ante. This isn’t your transitional phase of 1950 or 1980.

Never has knowing the past been so important.


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