U2’s “Window In the Skies”

I started this blog because I love music. If you’re one of those, you love those moments when you are reminded why you do.

I had one of those moments the first time I saw this music video, and continue to every single time…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The song is U2’s “Window In the Skies,” from the album U218 Singles. This video is 1 of 2 versions of the video released by U2, referred to as the “Modernista Version,” named from the ad agency that created it. According to a USA Today story, Bono loved Modernista’s work on the Product Red campaign, and wanted them to create this music video. The story continues,

“Getting approvals from famous musicians was a feat. But Bono nudged reps for The Beatles, Elvis and Frank Sinatra to sign on. 

A team of Modernista workers spent more than four months on the project. But it landed images of everyone from Nat King Cole to Jimi Hendrix to Frank Zappa in a wild jam-like session.”

Based on a list created by TheInspirationRoom.com, the following attempts to list, in order, those who appear in the video.

1. Frank Zappa

2. Billie Holiday

3. Simon and Garfunkel

4. Roy Orbison

5. PJ Harvey

6. Ella Fitzgerald

7. Bob Marley

8. Louis Armstrong

9. David Bowie

10. Lou Reed

11. Frank Sinatra

12. Wilco

13. Kanye West

14. Mick Jones 

15. Nat King Cole

16. Keith Moon

17. Rolling Stones

18. Nina Simone

19. Marvin Gaye

20. Janis Joplin

21. Temptations

22. Elvis Costello

23. The Ramones

24. Jimi Hendrix

25. Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl and Kurt Cobain 

26. Joe Strummer

27. Johnny Cash

28. Iggy Pop

29. Thom Yorke

30. Mary J. Blige

31. Jane’s Addiction

32. Elvis Presley

33. Al Green

34. Morrisey

35. Beck

36. Beyonce

37. Elton John

38. The Police

39. Wu Tang Klan

40. Jack White

41. Meg White

42. Keith Richards

43. Chrissie Hynde

44. Alicia Keys

45. Ray Charles

46. Little Richard

47. Clash

48. John Bonham

49. Smokey Robinson

50. Robert Plant

51. Ronnie Spector

52. Queen

53. Chuck D

54. Flava Flav

55. Jerry Lee Lewis

56. Jay-Z

57. Patti Smith


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