Dave Grohl and His Daughter

Rock star does not have to equal complete chaos and utter mayhem.

Dave Grohl is textbook rock star. He was in Nirvana and now leads Foo Fighters. Most aspiring rockers would give their left arm just to claim that first part.

Grohl has proven to us all that you can be a complete bad-ass and still have a level head and be a responsible, caring family guy.

From a 2007 NPR “Fresh Air” interview, here’s a segment where Dave Grohl shares about his daughter, Violet:

“We have jam sessions, sometimes. Where she’ll get a pair of drumsticks and sit down in front of a snare drum, and just beat out some noisy rhythm. And I’ll play guitar. And what I like to do is, I like to make up songs with words that she knows so that she’ll sing along. So, I’ll sing a song called ‘House,’ and I basically just repeat the word ‘house’ over the verse and the chorus until she starts trying to sing along with me. And then I’ll sing a song about horses, where the chorus is just ‘nay, nay, nay.’ You know, and so, yeah, I mean, we haven’t really done any television. We haven’t really done any “Barney,” or “Wiggles,” or any of the kid’s stuff. She likes music, and she actually has good taste in music. If I have the radio on, she’ll stand still for the songs that I hate, instinctually. And then a really great Beatles song, or a Creedence Clearwater Revival song will come on and she’ll start dancing. I think, ‘wow, you have really great taste in music’.”


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