“There’s no better way to remember what it was like when I was at my bottom, than to see someone at their bottom.”


Like plenty of others, I hadn’t heard of DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) before the plane crash in September 2008. As I learned of his relationship with one of my favorite drummers from one of my favorite bands, Travis Barker, I at least started paying attention.

It’s interesting how death, or almost death, causes us to take notice. If it wasn’t for Adam’s highly-publicized, near-death moment last year, we may not even be talking about this so much across the entertainment industry.

But his story is one that can’t be ignored. Partially because he had famous friends, but more so because the heart-breaking lesson that is being spread across the headlines is absolutely essential to the well-being of so many.

The guy’s MTV show about drug addiction-interventions was about to start airing (October 5, 2009).

The guy was a recovering addict (clean for the past 11 years). 

According to the LA Times, he admitted he had relapsed and agreed to go to rehab – the day before he died.

I’m seeing plenty of stories about MTV not being sure if it will air the eight episodes of “Gone Too Far.”

I don’t know how they couldn’t. Its whole point has already been played out right in front of us. Why not allow the show to reveal the harsh reality of the hellacious backstory. Not TV for shock value, but TV to accomplish what Adam hoped the show would anyway.

Blink 182 has cancelled three shows so far this week, after (somehow) playing over the weekend. Adam was found dead on Friday, August 28, 2009. Blink 182 played a show on Saturday night in Connecticut, and held a moment of silence for their friend, followed by performing their song, “Down.” Here’s video from the show.


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