U2 on YouTube; We Are Moving Forward

Like it or not, technology is continuing to change the game.

I will sit at my home tonight in Nashville, and enjoy U2’s Rose Bowl show, live, basically for free via YouTube.

This is not ground-breaking, from a technology standpoint.

According to a BBC article, U2 has actually already done this, back in 1997 on its PopMart tour, they streamed the Boston show. But, let’s be clear: in 1997 most people were still figuring out what the Internet was, let alone be ready to stream a full U2 concert (and isn’t that when U2 almost fell off the pop map?). Anyway, back to 2009, tonight’s streaming really is a big deal. It’s a sign of the times. It’s symbolic that the next era of technology has officially, finally and firmly come into our living rooms.

I’m going to enjoy tonight’s U2 show, as it’s happening, without buying a concert ticket, gas, parking, stadium food/drinks or paying ridiculous (in)convenience fees on the tickets. No, it will not be the same as actually being in Pasadena; but I’ll take it.


6 thoughts on “U2 on YouTube; We Are Moving Forward

  1. Imagine all your shows this way for $1/login. Or a season pass for $24.99. Or a lifetime pass for $299.99. A true fan could see every night of a tour, every tour, from anywhere in the world.

    You could make the experience complete with real time trivia, chats, etc, even sell merchandise especially for the online audience.

    Fans could earn virtual seat upgrades (exclusive camera angles, etc).

    The shows could exist in perpetuity on the artist website.

    Sounds interesting, no?


  2. They are rehashing old u2.com videos of the band to fill time. Nice idea, if it were exclusive content to the event.

    It’s no big deal, but this is the internet equivalent of paying for parking and walking to the event. It’s the internet, make it happen immediately.

    Can you imagine if the feed started with the band backstage as they take the stage?

    Shit I sound like old man Leftsezstsz

  3. Overall, pretty cool. Coupla glitches, but fun to be part of music history.

    Come to think of it, this is my first live U2 concert.

    Odd, no?

  4. I watched this. Amazing that we are at this point. It was cool seeing behind the scene footage and having a countdown to when the band came out down to the second. Great to experience this without having to fly out there and buy a ticket.

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