Gram Parsons at Joshua Tree

“Gram [Parsons] died of an overdose of morphine and alcohol in a modest room at the Joshua Tree Inn motel. He’d gone there with his girlfriend Margaret Fisher, Dale McElroy and Michael Martin. Dale was giving Gram mouth-to-mouth resuscitation when he checked out. Margaret and her drug connection had gone out to get cheeseburgers, and Michael had returned to L.A. to get a fresh supply of grass…Earlier, the girls had put ice cubes up Gram’s asshole, which woke him up, and then they let him go back to his room where he went back into a lethargic state. Dale tried to breathe life into him but it was too late.”

From Phil Kaufman’s essay “Parsons’ Folly,” in the book The Mammoth Book of Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll.

If that’s not a rock ‘n’ roll story, I have no idea what is.


One thought on “Gram Parsons at Joshua Tree

  1. for more on this Joshua Tree tragedy and an informational and interesting biography on Gram, including his friendship with and influence on the Stones, check out Ben Fong-Torres’ book, Hickory Wind.

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