Black History Month & Music: Part 12 of 12

At the beginning of this month I set out to bring focused attention to the musical side of Black history. I can undoubtedly tell you that during these last four weeks, my outlook has been changed.

I’ve always had an appreciation of how the world of music was changed by African-Americans, but now I really get it. And personally, I’ve only just begun to learn. I challenge you to dig, and dig some more. Continue to unearth knowledge that blows apart everything you thought you knew about the music and artists you love.

Our collective history is a rich one, replete with plenty of sex, drugs, rock, roll, pain, murder, lies, soul, mystery, inspiration, heart, darkness, evil, good and general heartache. It’s no wonder that so much of the resultant art is incredibly inspiring and timeless.

And I leave you with one of the most timeless and talented artists to come out of the past 30-40 years: Jay-Z. The first video was the intro to this year’s Super Bowl, a very cool version of “Run This Town.” The second video is a remarkable “Young Forever,” by Jay-Z and Mr. Hudson (original “Forever Young” by Alphaville).

Enjoy, and don’t stop here…


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