The Rolling Stones or The Beatles?

I love this question. I feel it says a lot about a person. It presents two bands so engrained in culture that they are essentially impossible to ignore.

And another thing I love about this question – there is no wrong answer.

A lot of it depends on what appeals to you: longevity as a band, career album sales, #1 radio singles, cultural impact, melody, songwriting, tough-guy image, et al.

As for me? I’ll take the band that stayed together longer.


2 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones or The Beatles?

  1. Is that the band that stayed together physically or in the cosmos? They’re both integral to the era and the genre, developing independent of one another yet in response to the same cultural shift that was taking place.
    I like to keep in mind that they were great mates and respected and liked each other’s music. And, you’re right- no wrong answer!

  2. Hey Glenna, thanks so much for reading.

    You certainly make a good point; and I meant the one that physically stayed together. 🙂

    I personally have some issue with how much the impact of The Beatles has been blown out of proportion. That’s essentially why I automatically pick The Stones.

    Don’t get me wrong – The Beatles were/are huge. Always will be. I get it. But many, many others have been very important as well, and so many (especially people that don’t really pay close attention) just talk about The Beatles. They don’t take time to learn about other artists/figures that paved the way and/or helped build up the music scene alongside The Beatles.

    Thanks again for reading. I appreciate you stopping by.

    John Clore

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