Cold Desert and Jesus

Jesus don’t love me / No one ever carried my load

I’m too young to feel this old

An amazing thing happens when we connect with music. Someone like me trying to put words to that experience wastes everyone’s time, so I won’t even try.

There’s this song by the Kings of Leon called “Cold Desert,” from the band’s 2008 album, Only By The Night. Hear the original recording here. The lyric excerpt at the beginning of this post is from “Cold Desert.”

In the following video, Kings of Leon lead singer and guitarist, Caleb Followill, shares the story behind the recording of the song.

Watch the Kings perform “Cold Desert,” live at the O2 Arena in London, from its live, 2009 DVD, Live at the O2 London, England.


5 thoughts on “Cold Desert and Jesus

  1. Is this DVD worth the purchase? I’m fairly new to Kings of Leon, even though everyone listened to them last year.

    Hope things are going well.

  2. Hey Michael, great to hear from you, my friend. Thanks for continuing to read.

    I recommend anything the Kings of Leon put out. From all I’ve seen of the DVD, it’s absolutely worth purchasing.

    I believe the Kings are one of the best bands that have come out in the past 5-ish years.

  3. The only thing I have of theirs is “Only By they Night,” which is fantastic. Although, it took a while for the singer’s voice to set right with me. I love live albums/dvds, though. I’ll probably give this one a try sometime soon. Because there is something “there” with them, it seems.

    I’m really not sure why it took me so long to give them a try. I usually get music suggestions from my students, but for whatever reason, my students have never suggested KoL. Maybe the band is already too mainstream for college students to listen to? Or maybe my students just assumed I’d already listened to KoL.

    Anyway, as always, I enjoy your thoughts on music. LOVED the 12 part series last month. Really good stuff.

  4. Hey man, your support is appreciated more than you know.

    In the spirit of this conversation, here are some artists I highly recommend:

    -The Avett Brothers
    -The Hold Steady
    -Mumford & Sons
    -This Will Destroy You
    -The Airborne Toxic Event
    -Damien Rice

    I’m sure you’ve heard of some of those, but I just thought I’d share.

    And, speaking of live DVDs, if you’ve never seen U2’s Elevation Tour 2001: U2 Live from Boston DVD, I can’t recommend it highly enough. I know there are some great U2 videos out there, but this is the one that had a major impact on me. When they go from “Stay” to “40” to “Where The Streets Have No Name” – there’s nothing like it. Here’s a link:

    Have a great weekend. Talk with you soon.

    John Clore

  5. Thanks for the recs. I’ve listened to The Hold Steady and The Avett Brothers and Rice, but I’ve not heard the others. I’ll give ’em a listen. Rice’s “O” was an incredible album. I liked a few individual songs on 9 Crimes, but it didn’t work for me as a whole for reasons I’ve never given much thought to.

    The Elevation Tour was so good. I saw them in Atlanta and at Madison Square Garden (in October of ’01…so it was just after the attacks). I’m not the biggest fan of the album they were touring for, so that DVD is hit and miss for me. You’re right about the sequences of songs….it’s interesting how they sing songs from different albums next to each other. I love “The Fly” on that DVD. And did “Mysterious Ways” make that DVD? That song live was unbelievable, but I don’t remember it being on that DVD.

    I don’t have any great new finds. A friend of mine introduced me to Belle and Sebastian, who’ve been around forever, but I love their stuff. I like finding out about bands who’ve been around for a while because then there’s a nice back catalog to go through. You can follow a career in a brief amount of time rather than, you know, following it over the course of 20 years.

    (Update: I’m sampling Fanfarlo at the moment, and I think I’ll like their stuff quite a bit.)

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