Pink Floyd Forces The Album

Just this past week, Pink Floyd won a court battle against EMI, prohibiting the band’s long-time label from being able to sell individual singles from any of the Pink Floyd concept albums.

Does this really seem like such a good idea in 2010?

There is little debate that Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon is one of the all-around greatest albums in history, but did “Money” help spread the word on its own? I’m referring to the song, not the cash, though that was weighty. Point being, “Money” helped draw would-be album buying consumers to the full album, and that has been happening for the past 37 years (the album came out in 1973). Granted, the Dark Side of the Moon brand is very ingrained in popular culture at this point, but the individual song “Money” is the strongest, stand-alone song on the project.

If it all starts with a song, and it does, and if a single song is a work of art, and it is, why force the bundling? I’m all about effective and appealing bundling, especially if you’re getting some exclusive content at a good price, but why cut off people that just want a song or two? We have a new generation that doesn’t understand, appreciate or (usually) buy the album concept.

Most things are better in context, but some people simply don’t care about the sequence of the tracks and how they blend into each other. If they’re bringing their money, why not take it?

Money, it’s a crime

Share it fairly

But, don’t take a slice of my pie


2 thoughts on “Pink Floyd Forces The Album

  1. Beautifully stated. And I’d be in total agreement if we were discussing almost any band other than Pink Floyd. While it’s true that “Money” is the song that brought the band to my attention originally, but it’s also true that something really seems to be missing when I’m unable to experience the concept of the album in it’s entirety.

    Don’t get me wrong. Any Pink Floyd is better than no Pink Floyd. And if it takes selling individual songs to expose new listeners to the marvel that is Pink Floyd, I’m all for it. But they took the “concept” thing to places so amazing that the experience should damned near be mandatory!

    • I completely agree with everything you’re saying. Musically speaking, Pink Floyd’s impact on the concept album is ridiculous.

      Many thanks for reading, as always.

      John Clore

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