Record Store Day 2010

“The record store. Where true fandom begins. It’s the soul of discovery, and the place where you can always return for that mighty buzz. The posters. The imports. The magazines. The discerning clerks, paid in vinyl, professors of the groove. Long live that first step inside, when the music envelopes you and you can’t help it. You walk up to the counter and ask the question that begins the journey — ‘what is that you’re playing?’ Long live the record store, and the guys and girls who turn the key, and unlock those dreams, every day.”

-Cameron Crowe, from

Record Store Day 2009 was a special one for me. It was a clear reminder of the inextinguishable magic that can only happen when people physically come together to celebrate music that is existing in a physical medium. Nothing at all against digital music, but I think even the most ardent digital music downloader would agree. Read my post about Record Store Day 2009 here, which I enjoyed at Grimey’s on 8th Avenue in Nashville.

Record Store Day 2010 is coming up on Saturday, April 17. I can’t recommend participation highly enough. To find your closest participating store, click here.

In the Digital Age, don’t lose track of the added care and connection inherently placed on art when you’re able to hold some part of it in your hands. I know I can tell a difference between tunes I’ve only experienced digitally versus those I’ve held in my hands.

The challenge these days is to balance this connection with the startling convenience provided by technology.

The following video is a recap of Record Store Day 2009 at Nashville’s Grimey’s.


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