The Runaways

“When the Runaways debuted in 1976 with this self-titled LP [The Runaways; album cover below video], aggressive female rockers were the exception instead of the rule. Women had no problem becoming folk-rockers, singer-songwriters or Top 40 icons, but female artists who had more in common with Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith than Joni Mitchell were hardly the norm. With this album, the Runaways made it crystal clear that women (or specifically, adolescent girls) were more than capable of playing intense, forceful hard rock that went directly for the jugular.” – Alex Henderson, from All Music Guide: The Definitive Guide to Popular Music, 4th Edition


3 thoughts on “The Runaways

    • I haven’t seen the movie yet, but plan to asap. From everything I’ve seen and read so far though, it sounds to be relatively, historically accurate. Considering Joan Jett is an Executive Producer, that certainly helps validate the project in my mind.

      Plenty of people aren’t fans of works like this, but I am. Of course, some of the stories may be embellished, or didn’t even happen. But you know what, that happens anyway. Stories morph over time, and if the original occurrence is interesting enough that any stories survive over time about said occurrence, then just maybe it’s worth exploring further and making an attempt to find the truth.

      I recently did a multi-part series called Black History Month & Music. If I learned anything through that process, it was that it is very difficult to try and determine the true history of many of the events/figures I was studying. But now I at least have an awareness.

      “The Runaways” will educate a whole new generation of people about this short-lived band, and that is a GOOD thing.

  1. I have to agree with you on that. This is a piece of history that is worth rememebering, especially during a time when music is so bubble gum. Nothing about music now is real. When it is, it is so rare. Saw a recent music video for Black Eyed Peas, where Will.I.Am says they will use a machine to do all of their songs, Fergie gets mad saying the aren’t robots.. then the song is entirely manipulated and isn’t singing at all. It’s sad to me to see music in the state that it is in.

    As far as this movie… I’ll be interested to see Joan’s touch on it and how Kristen and Dakota pull it off.

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