Guns N’ Roses’ Night in St. Louis

Nearly 20 years ago, just off the banks of the Missouri River in the St. Louis suburb of Maryland Heights, Missouri, Guns N’ Roses played a concert on Tuesday, July 2. The year was 1991. The venue was Riverport Amphitheater (now Verizon Wireless Amphitheater), which had opened just two and a half weeks prior.

In the summer of 1991, Guns N’ Roses was far and away the hottest thing in rock and roll. Two albums had been released, Appetite For Destruction (1987) and G N’ R Lies (1988), selling more than a combined eleven million by the time of the St. Louis show.

Use Your Illusion I and II would not be released until September 17 of 1991, a little over 2 months following the St. Louis show, a show also referred to as “The Riverport Riot.”

The Guns N’ Roses crew was apparently quite sensitive about concert-goers photographing (still and video) their live set. In the following infamous video footage (taken by Robert John), watch as frontman Axl Rose jumps into the crowd to stop a camera. After being helped back to the stage, he departs and a riot ensues.

GN’R’s “Use Your Illusion Tour,” which ran from May 24, 1991 through July 17, 1993, continued on. Over one year later, Rose answered to charges of assault and criminal damage related to the riot. He was fined and put on probation. See the “MTV News” report in the second video below.

The GN’R crew immortalized the incident in the liner notes of its album, Use Your Illusion, with the message: “F*ck You, St. Louis!”


7 thoughts on “Guns N’ Roses’ Night in St. Louis

  1. I love Axl’s diving form! I’d never heard this story before. I like the way Axl polishes the story in his interview with Loder: “someone had knife!”

    A friend of mine was at a Wilco concert in Memphis last fall or summer and Tweedy got into it with a fan b/c she was recording with her iPhone. He stopped the show (according to my friend) and lectured the woman and maybe even tried to take the phone away (that last part might be me “remembering big”, but he definitely stopped the show). And then later in the show Tweedy’s conscience got the better of him and he stopped the show again and mea culpa-ed and said he knew he was fighting a losing battle and would everyone just forgive him for his old timey ways.

      • I checked the email my friend sent about the Tweedy incident. He said Tweedy did take a phone from someone in the audience and then later gave it back. I googled that particular show and came up with someone who videoed a Tweedy sermon. It isn’t actually too bad.

        Apologies for highjacking the thread.

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