Miley’s Stand

Miley Cyrus is allegedly leaving the music industry after her next album releases.

I love this.

Not because I don’t really care for her music, or because she’s somewhat annoying, but because she’s doing what she can to call bullsh*t on the goofy industry that is music.

I’ve also read where she plans to continue in the movie industry, as if it’s somehow better, less destructive, or more “positive” than the other.

Either way, let me be clear: I love the music industry, but I also have a clear and pointed hatred for so much of what goes on within it. I know, I know, every industry has its issues, but there is something different about the entertainment industry, where the spotlight shines so brightly, on so few. And most of the problems happen out of the spotlight, where false and unattainable dreams are pursued to a ridiculous extreme by so many wannabes and/or has-beens.

Don’t discount Miley on account of her age (she’s 17). She was literally born into the entertainment industry, and has found some pretty massive success herself. She has more experience and cred than most of the people that bash her.


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