The Original Recording

What is it about the original recording of a song? Why is it so often “the best” version? I realize this isn’t always the case, but usually.

Out of left field just now I really wanted to hear Bob Seger’s “Hollywood Nights.” Somehow I don’t own the vinyl/CD/MP3 of the album/song (I know, I need to. The album is Stranger In Town, btw). So I jumped over to my trusty After a quick search, nothing from Bob Seger’s catalog is available.

I’ve actually known this for a while, and it’s always bewildered me, but I was hoping someone in his camp had caught on to this Internet thing. You can’t buy his stuff on iTunes, Amazonmp3, nothing.

I don’t get it.

Anyway, my Lala search of “Hollywood Nights” yielded plenty of results, just minus the original. And no offense to “The Original Masters,” but I wanted to hear Bob. He’s the guy that sings about those hollywood nights, in those hollywood hills.

My music heart has trouble stomaching anything less.


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