Say Goodbye to Lala

In November of 2008, my life was changed by an amazing online music service called I could not only listen to anything in its library one time through for free, but I could also upload my entire iTunes music library into the cloud and access it anywhere I had Internet access. For a dime, you could add Lala songs to your streaming library, and if you later chose to download the full song, your 10 cents would apply to the download cost.

Apple purchased in December 2009 for some $80 million. I knew some sort of change was coming.

In my inbox this morning was an e-mail from Lala saying it would all cease to exist as of May 31, 2010.

This is hardly the end of convenient, easy-to-use online music services.

I believe it’s only the beginning (but I really wish this one could have stayed).


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