One Hit Wonders

I was just watching VH1’s “100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs.” I love when Autograph’s Steve Plunkett talks about his band’s one hit, “Turn Up the Radio,” from 1984’s Sign In Please.

Basically he’s saying that in response to all of those people who give them a hard time for only having one big hit: “well, at least we have one.”

Why do we struggle with respecting one hit wonders? So it only happened once? Who really cares? Does this inherently make them “not that good?” Hardly.

When you fully consider how freaking hard it is to have one hit/breakthrough record, no I mean really consider it – think of writing or finding the right song, then having the right marketing machine that kicks in at the right place, at the right time. Then enough radio stations play it simultaneously. Or having some huge television network play your song over and over, while informing viewers who they’re listening to. Or [insert iPod commercial or current hotness]. Does this sound easy? Do you really think this happens that often?

It doesn’t.

Having this one hit song is no small feat, and should not be taken lightly, by anyone.

Have you had one?


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