I watched my first episode of “Glee” tonight. Neil Patrick Harris delivered an important message at the beginning. A message that should be a PSA that airs during episodes of shows like “Glee.”

He came to tell the glee club that their dreams would not come true, and that 91% of the students would never live outside their current county.

I’m not sure where the 91% came from, but that sounds accurate enough. Or maybe it’s safer to say that 91% of them will (unfortunately) never achieve their number one vocational dream.

I’ve personally seen a number of dreams shatter around me in friends and acquaintances that couldn’t quite make it in the music industry. I am sad for (most) of these people, but I’m glad (for them) that they gave it their all.

Dreams should remain. Frankly, they’re the only thing driving some of us. I just wish there was a way that the actual possibility of said dream coming true could have a reality-meter that updates in real time as life progresses. Maybe there could be a screening committee at the bus stop in towns like Nashville, Los Angeles and New York that could save a lot of people a lot of money, time and heartache.


2 thoughts on “Glee

  1. I’ve sure had my share of big dreams, none of which have come true. But then again, my disability does allow me to sit around reading, writing, and listening to my hearts content, while having to answer to no one except my doctors. And that was actually one of my dreams! πŸ˜†

    In the end, I think, comes from a long-term love of your craft and not from that greased pig we call success! πŸ˜€

  2. Sorry! That last sentence should have been “In the end, I think, genuine satisfaction comes from a long-term love affair with your craft and not from that greased pig we call success!” 😳

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