My goal

I’ve been challenged this week by C.C. Chapman and Jim Colella. They have each helped me think about my goals: Do I know what they are? Am I working on them? Am I encouraging those around me to accomplish theirs?

So, I’m sharing mine with you, with the intent of being held to it. I certainly have more than one goal, but I currently have a very specific one.

I want to self-publish (at the very least) my first book in 1 year. By June 1, 2011, I want to have my first book ready to print, or already printed.

My current plan is to dig back through my posts on this blog and pull the best and most appropriate content for a “Clore Chronicles: So Far” type of book.

So it begins…

What are your goals?


4 thoughts on “My goal

  1. A VERY lofty goal and I’m glad that I could inspire you. I’ll be checking in for progress reports so now that it is out there you can’t not push for it.

    Go get em!

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