My McCartney Excitement

I’ll admit it – I get tired of everyone claiming The Beatles as an influence, favorite band, et al. I often wonder if it’s just the easy, risk-free thing to do/say. In a lot of cases I believe that is the case, but I guess there are worse things.

Partially as a result of this, I’ve never been the biggest Beatles fan.

Yes, I often wish I could just relax, but these trivial and inconsequential battles continue to rage in my mind.

When I first heard that Paul McCartney would be playing downtown Nashville in July 2010, the aforementioned foolishness silently responded with indifference. – Great, Paul McCartney. He’s not even my favorite Beatle. The two I really like are dead. Who cares?

Somewhere between shortsightedness and clarity, I realized the fullness of the opportunity. Some may say Paul isn’t The Beatles, and I get that. Either way, we are talking about Paul McCartney here; one of the absolute greatest pop musicians in history.

Here’s to good music…and keeping the cynical demons at bay.


2 thoughts on “My McCartney Excitement

  1. john, i saw him last year at peidmont park in atlanta and it was one of the best shows i have seen. for three hours he did not stop moving and singing. simply amazing. can’t wait to see him again in atlanta. heck, maybe i’ll see you too! 🙂

  2. Jessica, thanks for reading. I do hope to see you at the Nashville show. We did get our tickets today. Can’t wait!

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