Remaining a fan

I am a huge fan of music. Rarely do I lose the passion I have felt for it since I was very young.

Life has afforded me the amazing opportunity to pay my bills by spending my days marketing music. I am very grateful for this. Very.

My challenge is remaining in-tune with this original love despite the cynicism that surrounds me. I am not claiming to not be cynical, but I do claim to fight it.

I moved to Nashville in 2001 to finish my (music) business degree at Belmont University. I came from a small town in Illinois where, relatively speaking, I knew a decent amount about music. At Belmont that no longer mattered as the place was full of people like me, plenty of them far superior to me in both talent and knowledge.

Either way, we all thought we had it figured out. We would graduate as executives at big music companies.


During this time in my life I became an asshole about music. I hate that this happened, but I am now aware of it.

I continue to learn how much I don’t know about this industry I love.


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