Foxy Shazam

Ah, the power of sampling. Not the repeated use of a section of one song in another, but giving away music for free.

I’ve downloaded three free samplers from Spin Magazine over the past few months: “SPIN Presents 2010: A Look Ahead”; “SPIN Presents AUSTIN POWER: Best SXSW Bands 2010”; “SPIN Presents Campfire Songs: A Bonnaroo Mixtape 2010”. This is how I was introduced to The National, The Gaslight Anthem, Manchester Orchestra and my latest “discovery” today – Foxy Shazam. (sidenote: I just went to Foxy Shazam’s website for the first time and learned they played my city last night. If only my today had happened yesterday)

Anyway, I usually listen to these samplers in the background while I’m working on something else. I wait and see if anything jumps out to me, even when I’m not really paying attention. This method is how I discovered all of the bands I listed above, plus my latest/biggest musical find over the past year – The Hold Steady.

Foxy Shazam is dramatic rock and freakin’ roll, with a piano that is not hidden in the background – always a plus in my book. Today, as the second chorus of “Bye Bye Symphony” rolled around mid-afternoon, I was hooked. As of this writing, I literally only know two Foxy Shazam songs: “Bye Bye Symphony” and “Oh Lord.” But that’s plenty for me to share with you that I am a fan.

On Foxy Shazam’s website, lead singer Eric Nally shares a brief bit of his history, which is quite intriguing.

“I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was one of two white boys in an all-black high school. The band name Foxy Shazam came from a saying in my school meaning, “cool shoes.” If you had cool shoes kids would say those are, “foxy shazam.” Because of this we have a lot of soul, and try to let it bleed through our music as much as possible.”


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