Pete Best: The Pre-Ringo

There’s no question The Beatles would have been equally as successful with a different drummer. Frankly, even with a different George Harrison. McCartney and Lennon were the magical nucleus. Of course millions of Beatles fans fell in love with Ringo and George individually, and they each (especially George) have/had their own talents, but they were along for the ride.

Regardless, there will never be another band in all of the world where the entire line-up was so vastly known, recognized and exalted. Nor should there be.

Anyway, there’s this guy named Pete Best who so narrowly missed one of the most magical existences conceivable, that on some level you almost feel bad for him. Almost. He was the original drummer of The Quarrymen, eventually called – The Beatles.

Don’t underestimate the importance of Pete Best. The guy played with The Beatles for over 2 years, a significant amount of time in band years. He was let go in 1962.

Best still continues to perform to this day on his own. I highly recommend visiting his website to learn more about this interesting and circumstantially-mysterious character.

Do not miss the opportunity of your current situation. You never know when it may be gone, and you never know when it may become wildly successful.


Here’s a video from Ringo Starr, posted in 2008. I don’t know its full context, but it really doesn’t need any.


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