My Fantasy Concert; What’s Yours?

I’ve been having this conversation with multiple people lately, for whatever reason. I could talk about it all day long. The best part is it can be whatever you want. Maybe it morphs from today to tomorrow. Whatever.

If I could line up my perfect night of music, it would be this: Billy Joel at Nashville’s Exit/In. First half of the 3-hour concert is with full band. Last half, just Billy and his piano. I would hang out with Billy both before and after the show, definitely after. I would pay a lot of money (that I don’t have) to make this happen.

Consider this question; it’s a fun one. A good conversation starter, and hopefully one that renews your love and passion for whatever it is you love (please tell me you love something).

What’s your fantasy concert?


5 thoughts on “My Fantasy Concert; What’s Yours?

  1. Such an interesting thought to ponder. I would have to say a 3 band concert starting with the Church performing from their Starfish album (yes released before cd’s) followed by Berlin with songs from Pleasure Victum and Love life before they sold out. and as a final some Erashure from I Say I Say I Say

  2. Dave, I love it. That’s a great line-up. I would love to see all of those, especially The Church.

    Where would your location be?

    Thanks for reading, my friend.


    John Clore

  3. I have mainstream, stadium-sized music tastes, it seems. For whatever reason, I like artists who have a big sound. (In other words…I don’t have a sophisticated ear.)

    A few in no particular order:

    Oasis in a stadium somewhere in England. I realize that’s not a unique concert experience, as they probably did 100s of shows like that when they were together. But I never made it to one of those, and there’s something about a shared experience on that scale that appeals to me. It’d just be a big, earsplitting singalong. I’d want them to be sober enough to play — that might be the unique part of the show. I’d pay money, though, not to have to meet them.

    Or Van Halen with DLR in front. I was too young to go to any of their concerts back in the 80s, but I’d love to see Eddie play guitar and Roth make a general fool out of himself. (Well…I say that….those guys may be so old I don’t want to see them make fools of themselves.)

    The Rolling Stones in a really small bar somewhere with the door falling off the hinges. Maybe in Mississippi. In the middle of summer with no air-conditioning.

    I missed Radiohead at the Hollywood Bowl a couple of years back because I was out of town, and that’s the concert I most regret not seeing. (Well….that and this Jamiroquai concert I didn’t go see once in Italy….I’ve always regretted that, as well.)

    Counting Crows at a bar. As long as they played Anna Begins, I’d be happy.

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