Kings of Leon in St. Louis

In case you haven’t heard, Kings of Leon played only three songs of last night’s St. Louis concert before cancelling due to “pigeon infestation.” The show was at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, the same location of 1991’s infamous Guns N’ Roses riot.

For plenty more details (that I’m not going to get into here) on this story, plus fan comments, see this article from St. Louis’ Riverfront Times.

Apparently pigeons in the rafters were defacating onto the band, and apparently some went straight into Jared Followill’s mouth.

Yes, that is absolutely disgusting. That is not difficult to establish.

But cancelling the entire show? Really? Could they not have been a bit creative and concocted some sort of rock and roll pigeon-sh*t shield and kept the party going? All of those people that had come to the rock show and paid exorbitant inconvenience fees just to get in the door – they were simply told the show was over and it was time to head towards the exits.

The band couldn’t even come back out to make the announcement, or maybe to apologize? Some may say it would have “been worse” if the band had gone back on-stage to make the announcement. Actually, I doubt that’s the case. If one of the guys had come back out and shared the full bizarre truth of what was going on, at least these paying and adoring fans could have left knowing the truth and feeling somewhat respected. Instead, they heard a nameless voice telling them the show was over. No questions asked.

I would have been livid.

Last night’s little incident is not going to go down as a shining moment for the Nashville rockers. Not even close. It will be on every VH1 top whatever show from now on. It definitely was not very “rock and roll,” except maybe for the elitism of all of it.

They’re freaking pigeons.

Brian, one of the commenters on the Riverfront Times article, said it best:

Jared should have done a shot of SoCo and come back out on stage after someone shot the bird.


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