Water at Van’s Warped Tour

Curtis Alan DeForest, a 26-year old, died at Monday’s (8/2/10) Van’s Warped Tour at Capitol Springs Park @ Sandstone, in Bonner Springs, Kansas. The cause of death is yet to be made official. Either way, all signs point to some sort of dehydration. I’ve seen reports online that bottled water was going from $6 to $10.

Sandstone’s website states that patrons are permitted to bring in “one bottle of water (sealed) per person.” Then over on Sandstone’s blog, it states, “patrons were allowed to bring in their own bottles of water.” It also mentions “water refill stations” but does not clarify if there was a cost associated with this.

There was a heat advisory in effect for the area on Monday. Temperatures hovered around triple digits.

Is this Sandstones’s fault? Van’s Warped Tour’s? DeForest’s? The Weather’s?

It is really none of the above. Two companies are trying to make money. DeForest just wanted to come to the rock show. As for the weather – it’s August!

My hope in this very sad matter is that we all freaking pay attention.

Be careful with the weather. It is not kidding around.

And sometimes that extra buck is not worth it.


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