Thank you, John Ondrasik

I’m taking a sabbatical from writing this blog. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything about this platform and the subject matter I attempt to convey, but I am taking a rest. There are a number of reasons why:

  1. I am tired of hearing myself talk in this venue. I want to listen and read. My stack of books, magazines and blogs to read is getting silly.
  2. I am working on a book based on this blog. It is a little tricky to put together an entire book based on the first 200+ posts on this blog whilst keeping new blogs coming. (did I mention I make $0 from any of this?)
  3. I am a little worn out by everyone in our society having a voice. Instead of continuing to add mine, I am going to remove it for a bit. (Sidenote: there are over 200 entries to read here, chances are, you have not read them all).
  4. This takes a lot of work. I do love every minute of it, but see point #2, and I want to see more of my family and friends.
  5. I need new ideas.

Today I was listening to Five For Fighting’s John Ondrasik talk to David Hall on my favorite radio station, Lightning 100, in Nashville. John was explaining his song “Slice,” and (summarizing) he said it’s a bit of a call for our culture to not forget about togetherness. That we are so niche-minded these days that we rarely enjoy anything together. The first line from “Slice” says:

There was a time a long, long time ago

Chevys and levees played on the radio

He is referencing the Don McLean classic “American Pie,” which came out at a point in time where everyone was singing the same songs, or at least were very aware of them.

Consider your own life. I am not encouraging anyone to move backwards. Learn, experience, take each and every (new and old) thing in to the fullest extent.

And remember, just because something occurred in the past, that doesn’t make it wrong, uncool or unworthy of being repeated.


One thought on “Thank you, John Ondrasik

  1. yes…the good old days were fun when everyone was jamming to the same tunes; it was a thread that i know held together many of my own friendships!

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