My Book Update

I have spent the past many weeks working on my first book. It is an exciting, challenging and rewarding process. Nothing against writing for a blog, but trying to put a book together is a whole different ballgame. Typically a blog post is a stand-alone thought. A book (hopefully) has some sort of cohesive theme, or at least needs to make sense in its overall presentation and flow.

Less than one week ago I completely reworked the contents of the book. I’m going with only original interviews and writings. Most of the content is currently available on this blog, but I am working on some new interviews that I’m really excited about.

Currently I plan to give away some copies of the book early after its completion, simultaneously having it available digitally for $5, and $10 for the actual book. (*This is all subject to change)

I’ve got to tell you – this is an exciting project. Thinking about every single detail: the content, the actual size of the book, the cover art, the distribution, the editing, the marketing. I’m thrilled to be working on this.

The working title is:

Interviews from Clore Chronicles – Volume I

Spotlighting Music Industry Types That Deserve More of Your Attention, Along with a Few Extra Thoughts

More to come. Thanks for reading.


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