My Top 5 Stories through 2010

The following five stories received the most traffic on Clore Chronicles in 2010.

Thank you for reading.

1. My Dolph Ramseur Interview (The Avett Brothers’ Manager). Read it here.

(excerpt): I am a big fan of The Avett Brothers, but there’s this amazing behind-their-scenes dude that deserves significant attention. His name is Dolph Ramseur and he manages The Avett Brothers. I assure you you would want Dolph on your team if you could have him.

Read the full story.

2. Hallowed Ground: Cobo Arena. Read it here.

(excerpt): The live venue is arguably the most important physical location in all of music. It is where fan and star come face-to-face. It is where dreams come true and life-long fans are made.

I have always been fascinated by the history contained inside the halls where we enjoy our favorite bands perform. The “Hallowed Ground” feature is meant to bring attention to the importance of these physical locations, some of the key events that have occurred there and how it has impacted music.

Detroit’s Cobo Arena, sometimes referred to as Cobo Hall, has been the epicenter of countless important moments in music history.

Read the full story.

3. Strange Fruit. Read it here.

(excerpt): The great Billie Holiday most famously performed a song that is often regarded as the first protest song. It is called “Strange Fruit.”

After seeing this picture, a Jewish high school teacher in the Bronx (NYC) named Abel Meeropol, wrote the piece. He did not actually experience the horrific act of lynching, but wrote it as a sign of compassionate understanding.

Read the full story.

4. A Master Behind the Masterpieces: Eddie Kramer. Read it here.

(excerpt): Without Eddie Kramer, we would all be living in a very different world.

Granted, we would have still had Hendrix, Zeppelin, The Stones, KISS, Peter Frampton, and others, but their sound would be considerably different than the audio signals we received that have woven each so deep into the fabric of rock history.

Read the full story.

5. An Anti-Piracy Rant. Read it here.

(excerpt): The more time goes by, the more frustrated I get on the piracy issue. I have tried again and again to “be cool” about it and tell myself that it will be okay, it’s just part of the “new school” way of doing things and it will all work out.

But it’s not. Not even close.

I am all about sharing my stuff and passing my interests off on others, but it never crosses my mind to copy all of my crap and let them have it, music or otherwise. And they should not feel entitled to it.

Read the full story.


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