My Unexpected Beatles Weekend

I had an unexpected and amazing Beatles weekend. Friday night, while surfing rock documentaries in Netflix, via my Roku, I came across a documentary entitled George Harrison: A Beatle in Benton, IL. I grew up 30 minutes from Benton and was familiar with this story, but I had no idea this documentary existed. I watched and learned more about this amazing story of George visiting his sister, Louise, in Benton during September of 1963 (pre-Ed Sullivan Show) and that the first performance by a Beatle on U.S. soil occurred in my hometown of Eldorado, Illinois, at the VFW, Post 3479.

As of tonight, I have already had the privilege of interviewing that documentary’s creator, Bob Bartel, for my upcoming book.

In the mid-90s, Bob (these are my words) single-handedly helped save Louise’s house that George visited in 1963, which was days from being torn down when he looked up the house and stopped by in late 1994.

Soon I am going to begin work to have the VFW, in Eldorado, recognized on the National Register of Historic Places.

There is so much more to this story. I am beyond excited to continue to learn, and share, more.


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