VIDEO: “Poison & Wine” by The Civil Wars

If you are due a beautiful, heartbreaking and pause-inducing song, I’m certain I have it for you. The video below is for one of my favorite new songs of the past many months, a song called “Poison & Wine,” by The Civil Wars.

The Civil Wars are Joy Williams and John Paul White. The former from Northern California, the latter from Alabama – they come together to make music that you need to be listening to, if you aren’t already.

“Poison & Wine” was heard in its entirety on episode 609 of Grey’s Anatomy, “New History.”

For free, you can currently download Live at Eddie’s Attic, a live album from The Civil Wars, which happens to be the second show they ever performed together.



4 thoughts on “VIDEO: “Poison & Wine” by The Civil Wars

  1. Nice stuff! First time seeing John Paul… Moving…’joy Williams? Welcome to a new journey. Makes me want to hear more!
    Thanks for the blog post John Clore.

    • Hey Dave, I’m very sorry for the slow response. Thanks for stopping by to read my stories. How’s everything going in Dave Tucker world?

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