Jack White is a smart man

I am not the biggest White Stripes fan. Don’t get me wrong, I like them a lot, but I don’t bow at their altar. However, the more I learn about Jack White, the more I am convinced of his genius. And I don’t mean “genius” in some sort of tortured soul, preternatural, indefinable way – although there probably is some of that – but in that he is very intelligent and calculated. Yes, he does have more musical talent than me, you and all of our friends combined (no offense), but unlike most he actually uses it well. He has parlayed his successes into a truly respectable repertoire.

It is refreshing to see a celebrity consistently make good decisions. He has a deep appreciation for history, and that is part of his genius. He actually learns from the blunders of others. Anyone that can develop a relationship with, and eventually produce albums for, Loretta Lynn and Wanda Jackson – that is someone to emulate.

If you haven’t read the note on The White Stripes’ website about their break-up, please do – and consider it a model for how a band should wrap. There are a lot of bands out there today that should have ended a long time ago, but that is for another day.

When I watched the documentary, It Might Get Loud, which delves into the stories of White, Jimmy Page and The Edge, I was surprised to be most impressed and interested in White.

My only personal interaction with White occurred at thee Nashville Airport. We exited the shuttle bus at the same time in the middle of the parking lot. We walked relatively close to each other for a bit, then when he needed to turn to his car, he said the only words uttered between us, “excuse me.”

I’m gonna go listen to The White Stripes perform Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.”



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