Bebo Norman

I have been a fan of Bebo Norman fan for 10+ years. I had the honor of working with him for a while somewhere along the way.

Norman is an amazing artist. A songwriter, vocalist, guitar player, recording artist – generally one of the most genuine and talented guys you are going to find in any segment of the music industry. Learn more about this man and his music here.

On Saturday night, March 12, 2011, in Marion, Illinois, I was able to go see Mr. Norman in concert with my family at The Marion Cultural and Civic Art Center at a show promoted by WBVN, a radio station that tremendously impacted my musical development. Marion represents home to me; that special, physical location in the Southeastern portion of Illinois where I spent the first 20 years of my life.

Bebo and his friend Gabe took the stage in front of a full house to share an evening of beautiful music. They went the acoustic route, which I highly prefer sometimes, especially for an artist like Bebo, where the songs really are so good that they do not need to be drowned out by noise. Gabe delivered wonderfully on the dobro, accordion, piano and hammered dulcimer.

This evening was simply one of those moments where I was completely reminded of just how much I love music, and how it connects and draws out so many emotions, thoughts and memories. It is amazing how the impact of certain songs only deepen over time. I’m glad I know about Bebo Norman’s music – it has significantly impacted my life at multiple junctures.

I leave you with the lyrics to the third verse from my favorite Bebo Norman song, “Deeper Still,” from the album Ten Thousand Days.

Tonight I rose up with the moon, and looking down from high above

I saw a world carved and confused, into valleys deep in need of love

And falling down all thick with grace, heaven’s cloud of mystery

Was filling every empty space, down to the depth of human need


2 thoughts on “Bebo Norman

  1. It was a great evening. Nice moment running into you too! Bebo’s 2003 Myself when I am Real project is hard to beat with creating moments to remember.

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