[PHOTOS]: U2, Nashville, Playing It Cool

I would prefer a lot of people I know not hear me say the following: I am pumped for tomorrow night’s U2 show in Nashville.

Look, I am fanatical about a few things, yes. But I have been around some crazy people that treat U2 and Bono as if they are the answer to all problems of all humankind. To those (wonderful) people, I suggest playing it cool, and above all else – don’t look down upon those that either don’t like U2, or do not share your (worshipful) level of fandom.

That said, I truly am elated for tomorrow night’s show. I downloaded the U2 360 Tour app to my phone this morning. I got as close as I could a couple of hours ago to take the below images, and marvel at the spectacle. I am super excited to see U2 in Nashvegas tomorrow night.

We all want and need something bigger. That’s really what this show is all about. That is why we go nutso for an event like this. Our day-to-day lives get ultra-boring, mundane and mostly lack the unending joyous and passionate celebration we all desire.

U2’s 360 Tour: the claw, the songs, the atmosphere, the anticipation, the sing-alongs, the tears, the emotional impact – it truly is a landmark moment in most attendee’s lives. I get it.

To my friends that love U2 at stalker levels, this is a moment where I can almost understand you.

U2 and Bono don’t have all of the answers, but one thing I can say with absolute certainty – the boys from Dublin are doing their damndest to help us all get closer.



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