[PHOTOS]: U2 in Nashville – July 2, 2011

I had the honor of seeing U2 perform last night (7/2/11) in Nashville. Vanderbilt Stadium. 40,000 capacity for football. Some 48,000 on-hand for the show. This was, somehow, U2’s first concert in Nashville since the year I was born, 1981. What in the world is the deal with that? Even Bono seemed a bit bewildered by this tidbit as he made reference to it from stage.

This was also Vanderbilt Stadium’s third-ever concert, the first two being Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones.

U2 is one of those bands that comes really close to being (way) overhyped, and in a lot of ways they probably are by the extremists among us. Either way, last night’s show delivered in just about every way possible.

It is going to be a good long while before anyone can top what U2 has pulled off on its 360 Tour. The stage, the production, the everything – it is simply a spectacle of gargantuan proportions. Each show takes around $750,000 to pull off. I’m surprised it is not more.

As I stood last night and saw the spaceship light up, fog fill the sky and heard the music of U2 rock West End, I considered how impossible it is to convey such an experience via any medium. Someone like me can sit and conjure up superlatives to describe it, but nothing can replace being there.

If it is remotely within your capabilities to attend a U2 360 show, I assure you you will walk away in awe. You will walk away with a new level of appreciation, and expectation, for what a performance should be.

I also hope you walk away with a renewed sense of love and compassion for not only those around you, but for everyone. I like to think I did.

Bono really does have a special way of helping you see the world through a bigger lens, and making you stop to consider how you might make a difference. I highly recommend checking out the work of a wonderful, world-changing advocacy group called ONE.

Although it is impossible for me to fully relay the experience to you, at least here are some images I took from my seat, with my phone. Enjoy.


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