Why can’t we just let it be? Why do we have to dig, and ask, and stalk, and uncover the private and potentially even more heartbreaking details about the death of an icon? What is it in us that must be satiated?

I realize knowing the full story is important for us to move on, to put it to rest, but in this very sad and untimely instance of Whitney Houston’s death, I find myself simply hoping for people to leave the “rest of the story” alone.

We know she was having a hard time. We know life with Bobby wasn’t roses. We know that a superstar among superstars lives a life that 99.99% of earth’s population will never remotely understand.

Yet we can’t leave it alone. We pry. We check TMZ. We watch Nancy Grace-type “news” coverage, that, if we stop and think about it, should make us all sick during moments such as this. Look, I was just watching HLN’s coverage about Whitney, so I’m in this like the rest of us. But I continue to grow tired of it.

A good story is a good story, and the death of a musical legend in her Beverly Hills hotel room literally 24 hours before the GRAMMY Awards is a captivating story. Yes, of course. But since 99.99% or more of us cannot and will not ever understand what it was like to live Whitney’s life, I sincerely hope we can focus on the good times: her good times, and the good times she brought every single one of us.

Whitney Houston was a beautiful part of creation. She obviously had one of the best singing voices ever. Let us all pause and consider her wonderful contributions to our world. Let’s focus on the good times.

How do you want to be remembered?


One thought on “Whitney

  1. John, one thought I cannot get away from is how incredibly sad the whole thing is. The fact that some would call this predictable I think saddens me the most. Because unfortunately, it was at least on some level. But to see it really end this way is heartbreaking. I don’t know how others feel, but I kept holding out hope that against all odds, before it was all said and done, we would get to see Whitney stand in the spotlight recovered and healed. Because her life was so public, and we saw the highest highs and the terrible lows, I know I would quietly root for her every time a new single would come out or she would do an interview that the time for her comeback had finally come. As bad as all the stuff is, the reason this is such a story is because she was brilliant. How many singers of the last 50 years touched as many lives as she did? I think you could count them on one hand. It’s a tragic loss. I hope she has finally found peace. And I agree with you that the best way to remember her is for all the impact she had on all of us that made our lives better. What an artist and what a voice.

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