What is the point?

Why do you do what you do? I don’t mean the fact that you go to work because you need money to pay the bills and take care of the basics. I’m asking why you approach the world and interact with people the way you do. What are you trying to accomplish? What is your mission? Do you have one? Is one necessary?

I’m not encouraging you to be on a constant crusade to convert people. I am, however, getting at how most of us have one or many objectives in life and something or things we hope or need to accomplish. These objectives may live more in your subconscious – some more than others – or they may be written on your sleeve. Either way, I’m sure you are working to accomplish something right now.

Consider your motives. Consider your strategic objective(s) and how you plan to get there. What are your goals?

As I near completion of my first book, and after having read and listened to a lot of Seth Godin and Bob Lefsetz this past week, I am really considering mine.

Why am I writing a book? What is its point? What do I want people to get from it? Who am I trying to reach? Does it matter? Does anyone care?

Oh my. These are the ever-present questions of the creative process.

My upcoming book is called The Music Industry Doesn’t Have To Kill You. I have already had plenty laugh after hearing the title. They respond with sarcastic comments and tell me that is essentially a utopian-type idea.

Others have latched on wholeheartedly.

I have put my personal mission statement together – for this first book, and pretty much anything I write – and it goes like this: To encourage people in the music industry to know history and do excellent work while treating people well.

In other words, you don’t have to be an asshole to be successful. No, not even in the music industry. And it is imperative that you know where we have come from before you try and determine where we should go. Know your history.

Back to you – what are you trying to accomplish? I encourage you to really think about your motives, and do what you need to do to bring your dreams to reality.


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