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I will self-publish my first book approximately during the month of April 2012. It will be available physically on and will be available in Kindle format. The title is:


Conversations with Remarkable People from the Music Industry

The objective of the book is to:

  • Challenge behavioral stereotypes within the music industry
  • Teach music history through individual stories
  • Challenge music industry types to be excellent, both in their actions towards others, and their individual creativity and production
  • Encourage music industry types to remain passionate about the music before the business
  • Bring perspective to the role of the music/entertainment industry in your overall life story

The book will contain 23 interviews with various people across the music industry, including: Brenda Lee, John Feldmann, Jim Foglesong, Charlie Brusco, Tandy Rice, John Ettinger, E. Michael Harrington, Pinky Gonzales, Thomas Cain, Peter Cooper, Liberty DeVitto, Dolph Ramseur, Fred Buc, Chris Hauser, Shannon McCombs, Alan Parsons, Gabe Simon, Mark Hollingsworth, Sage Keffer, Michelle Tigard Kammerer, Ebie McFarland, John Ozier and Gene Bowen.



My name is John Clore. I have a deep passion for music, especially the history of recorded music. I work full-time in the music industry and have since 2003, specifically in the areas of online marketing, publicity and brand management. I live in Nashville.

My objective in anything I write is to encourage people in the music industry to know history and do excellent work while treating people well. In other words, you don’t have to be an asshole to be successful. No, not even in the music industry. And it is imperative that you know where we have come from before you try and determine where we should go. Know your history.

I am a 2003 graduate of Belmont University’s Music Business Program, a St. Louis Cardinals fan, have worked with artists ranging from Ray Price to Bret Michaels to NEEDTOBREATHE, was born and raised in the Midwest (Southern Illinois), was featured in the November 7, 2010 edition of Music Business Radio, once visited four major league baseball stadiums in six days (by car), have helicoptered over the Grand Canyon, have been to all but four states, and have two amazing little boys and a gorgeous wife.

One of my primary long-term career goals is to be a music history/business professor and teach others about topics such as those written about here.

Your comments and feedback are highly encouraged. Thank you for reading.

– John Clore

Twitter: @johnclore


19 thoughts on “John Clore

  1. Nice stuff John. Since this is the first meeting of Cubs and Cards…. I had to go on record by saying…
    This is the Year!

    All the best to you…keeep writing!

    • Dave, thrilled that you’ve been able to stop by here. Would love to know your thoughts in response to some of these posts. We’ve had some great conversations in the past, and I appreciate your insight. Sincerely.

      As for the Cubs, not so sure about that, but it should be another fun year. I’ve seen a few sports-types pick you all to be at least in the WS; doesn’t that automatically rule you out? 🙂

      Thanks man. – jc

  2. I am subscribed to the RSS feed – absolutely love this. Short, sweet, and thought provoking. I’m a fan! And finding I don’t know any where as much about music as you do!

    • Wow! Thank you, thank you. Hopefully the thought-provoking is able to continue. Please share your thoughts whenever you want; would love to know what you think in response to something I’ve said.

  3. Hi John,

    This will seem like a strange request, but I was just reading through your blog and you seem to know a lot about music. I was wondering if I could send you some questions via email for an interview for my blog. Just about the music industry, for example how you got into your role etc, and your thoughts about the direction of new music. My blog is part of an assessment series for university, and interviews are a requirement of that process. There’s no pressure or anything, and if you’re not interested I just want to say keep up the good work on this blog :).



  4. Hey man! A lot of good stuff here.. Was reading along.. I like the Billy Joel piece there.. Didn’t know he wrote every song but the one.. And has some prophetic stuff going on with those songs.. Thats crazyness.. Anyways, good stuff! Also, we’ve got to come over some time and see that baby! See ya bud..

  5. John Clore… I always knew you’d do great things! And as always… you are on the right path!
    Good to see you on here! Proud of your accomplisments!


    • Carol Anne, this means a whole, whole lot coming from you. Thank you so much for reading, and taking time to leave a comment. I look forward to talking with you soon.


      John Clore

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