Lana Del Rey

Maybe it’s because I wish I had lived through the 60s and 70s, and that’s part of the vibe she seems to be going for. Maybe it’s because I often like to like what everyone else doesn’t. Maybe it’s because I actually like her recorded music.

Either way, much has been made about Lana Del Rey of late. Every possible critic seems to be coming out of the woodwork to belittle her seemingly concocted image, fake lips and lack of stage presence. I’m not saying her Saturday Night Live performance in January 2012 was any good at all. It wasn’t.

Like her or not, she is doing something right, because she has plenty of us talking. As Steve Jones points out in his new book, Brand Like A Rock Star, the only time you need to worry is when no one cares. And the latest alleged news is that Lana cancelled her upcoming tour because of how bad SNL went. Either way, she’s making news and has us talking.

Remember, “good” or even enjoyable music is extremely subjective. Lana Del Rey is not The Eagles or Adele or The Black Keys, but she has her place.

I will continue to listen to Born To Die. I don’t really care if I’m supposed to or not.


Brand Like A Rock Star (book)

Buy this book. It is absolutely fantastic. I don’t care if you’re in the entertainment industry, pharmaceutical industry or automobile industry – this book will help you establish strong brands, and keep business moving forward.

Steve Jones, the author, does a great job of bringing what matters in to perspective. Learn what a brand really is, and how to not screw it up.

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