Black History Month & Music: Part 1 of 12

The origins of our music are rarely what we assume. The true influences have been so spun and falsified that if you only pay attention to the surface you will miss some of the deepest and most meaningful knowledge about the soundtrack to our lives.

February is Black History Month. Throughout these next 28 days, we will begin to explore the true origins of today’s popular music via a 12-part series. In it we will delve into who really inspired who, who gave us recorded music and who really started this never-ending category of music we refer to as rock and roll.

Princeton University professor, Dr. Cornel West, is one of the most knowledgeable historians in the area of Black history; but it’s his delivery that matters. What follows is a 5-minute video, culled from the documentary Call + Response, which contains Dr. West sharing about the overall importance of not only music, but how its history would be an entirely different one if not for the indelible influence of many of our African-American friends.


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