The Story of Anvil

I knew I needed to watch Anvil! The Story of Anvil after the first review I read. Then I had multiple friends tell me I needed to watch it. For whatever reason, I finally got around to it last night, thanks to Netflix on my Roku.

Watch this documentary. Please. As soon as you can.

If you have stumbled your way to this site, I am assuming you have some interest in the music industry, or how people act in the music industry, or what to expect from it. Anvil! The Story of Anvil sums it up perfectly.

It is not a pretty place. Via the story of Anvil, you quickly see just how gruesome it can be. Not every story is Anvil’s, but let’s face it, most are.

The following quote is from Anvil drummer Robb Reiner. Keep in mind this guy has been in the same band since the early 1980s.

I hate the f*cking industry. You know? It will never change. It’ll never get better. They’re all f*cking bottom-feeder pieces of sh*t that run the thing. Organized criminals. You know? Drug f*cking runners. That’s what the business is about, right? I hate it, man.


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