September When It Comes

His [Johnny Cash’s] daughter Cindy came to stay with him in June [2003]. Although he was 80 percent blind, he had her bring more photographs of June to his office. He even had Mark Burckhardt, an artist from Austin, Texas, paint June’s face on the elevator doors. “He missed her so bad,” says Cindy. “He sobbed for her daily. He would pick up the phone to talk to her as if she was on the other end.”

…One time she [Cindy] took him in his wheelchair to see June’s grave. “He stared at it a while and tried to focus so that he could see the tombstone,” she says. “As soon as he had focused, he said, ‘I’m coming baby. I’m coming’.”

-From Steve Turner’s incredible book, The Man Called Cash

There is this gorgeous, beautiful song by Rosanne Cash called, “September When It Comes,” on her March 2003 album, Rules of Travel. The song contains a very special guest: her dad, Johnny Cash.

Johnny’s wife and Rosanne’s stepmom, June Carter Cash, passed away on May 15, 2003. Not even four months later, September 12 marked the last day of Johnny Cash’s life.

How amazing that this song was recorded before we lost Johnny, and released the year we did. I read in an MSNBC article that Rosanne’s husband and producer, John Leventhal, who wrote the song with her, suggested she record “September When It Comes” with her dad. Although reluctant at first, she decided to do it.

I don’t know why Rosanne picked September in the song, but that Johnny died in September is eerily poetic.

I cannot move a mountain now; I can no longer run

I cannot be who I was then; in a way, I never was

If you are yet to watch the masterpiece music video to Johnny Cash’s version of “Hurt,” please watch it here. Following, appreciate the (below) video for “September When It Comes.”


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